• Credit granting purpose: Fixed-asset investment for production and business: Purchase, Build, Reconstruct factory, office, headquarter, operation; Purchase, upgrade, repair equipment, production line, transport vehicle,...
  • Credit granting limit: Subject to need, business plan and collateral of customer
  • Loan method: One-time
  • Period: 12 month
  • Currency: VND, foreign currency
  • Loan interest: Due to current regulation of ABBANK
  • Collateral: Due to current regulation of ABBANK (except from goods and debt claim).
  • Preferential regulation for loyal customer: Increase Loan/Collateral ratio up to 5% annually (maximum 100% real estate value, 85% movable properties value)
Customer: Small and medium businesseses (last fiscal year ≤ 200 billion VND) in need of ABBANK sponsorship o invest in fixed-asset.

Registration form:
  • Application for credit facilities (ABBANK's application form)
  • Other documents due to current regulation of ABBANK.