HA TINH PROVINCE - Infrastructure

Ha Tinh serves as a bridge linking the North and the South of Vietnam and an important transport hub on the East-West corridor with important routes running through the province, Highway 1A, railways, the Ho Chi Minh Road, sea routes (North-South transport axis), Road 8 and Highway 12 (East-West corridor axis).
 There are 8,122.8km of roads, of which 5,855.6km are essential roads, including 440.3km of highways, 379.2km of provincial roads, 1,345.1km of district roads and 3,691km of inter-communal roads. The North-South railway running through Duc Tho, Vu Quang and Huong Khe Districts is 71km long with eight stations, including Huong Pho and Phuc Trach cargo stations which facilitate the exchange of goods among the neighbouring residential quarters. Ha Tinh has great potential for developing waterway transportation. The deep water port complex of Vung Ang-Son Duong can accommodate ships of 50,000-150,000 tonnes and in the future it will become an international port, developing transport services with Laos and Thailand along the East-West corridor, Highway 8 and Highway 12. Xuan Hai Port on the right bank of the Lam River, 12km from the sea estuary, can accommodate ships of 1,200-1,500 tonnes in full capacity and ships of 5,000 tonnes in lessened capacity. It has a handling capacity of 200,000 tonnes/year, ensuring the exchange of domestic goods. In addition, Ha Tinh also has fish ports, such as the Xuan Pho, Thach Kim and nine river routes with a total length of 437km which facilitate waterway transportation. There are seven passenger car terminals with a total area of 12,178m2. In the future, Ha Tinh will build the Vung Ang-Tan Ap-Mu Da and Thach Khe-Vung Ang railways, open more air routes and develop and upgrade the existing transport system to meet its socio-economic development demands.


 Ha Tinh is supplied with electricity from the national grid via Ha Tinh 500/200/110KV station (1x450MVA), Ha Tinh 220/110KV station  (1x125MVA) and Hung Dong 220KV station in Nghe An (2x125MVA). Now the province has four 110KV stations with five transformers with a total capacity of 125MVA. The 110KV stations which are fed with electricity via the 110KV lines include the 220KV Ha Tinh-Thach Linh-Can Loc station, the 220KV Ha Tinh-Ky Anh station, the 220KV Hung Dong-Linh Cam station and the 220KV Hung Dong-Can Loc station.

 Ha Tinh electricity services have 1,927km of 35.10KV lines and 682km of 0.4KV lines. There are eight intermediate stations of 35/10.6KV /14 machines, with a total designed capacity of 29,150KVA, 680 distribution stations of 35/0.4KV/682 machines, with a total designed capacity of 110,528KVA, 524 distribution stations of 22(10)/0.4KV/526 machines, with a total designed capacity of 110,528KVA and 51 distribution stations of 6/0.4KV/51 machines, with a total designed capacity of 10,025KVA.

 All communes are supplied with electricity from the national grid and 99.29% of the households are supplied with electricity. There are 250 rural electricity management organizations. Electricity management reaches ISO standards, ensuring the continuous and stable supply of electricity.

 To develop electricity sources, Ha Tinh has implemented Vung Ang thermo-electric project with a capacity of 3,600MW, Ngan Truoi hydro-electric project with a capacity of 16MW, Ho Cong project with a capacity of 20MW and Huong Son hydro-electric project with a capacity of 33MW.

Post and Telecommunication and Information Technology

 The postal network is available throughout the Province (with 62 post offices, six kiosks and 227 communal post offices), providing 20 kinds of postal services. In telecommunications, the switching system has two HOST switchboards, 33 satellites and six independent switchboards with more than 40 switching points. The inter-provincial transmission network has a pivot optical cable line, a suspended optical cable line, a digital micro-wave line running along the North-South route and two micro-wave relay stations. It now has a digital micro-wave line along Ho Chi Minh Road and a line at sea are under construction. The intra-provincial transmission network stretches to centres of districts and towns and industrial parks, tourist and service areas. The peripheral network mainly consists of bronze cables (0.4mm). By the end of 2006 there were six mobile networks, nearly 100 receiving and transmitting stations that enable the wave coverage in all centres of districts and towns. On average, there are 16.9 telephones per 100 people. The Internet network and VoIP are able to meet the people’s needs. The telephone network is available in all communes. 
 Now all departments, offices, districts and towns are connected with LAN and provincial ADSL networks. Due attention is paid to investment in information technology. Some important data bases have been established. The website www.hatinh.gov.vn works well. The post and telecommunication and information technology sector has a staff of 452 with college or higher degree IT qualifications, 330 people working in the postal sector with 10% of them having the qualification of university or higher degree, 441 people working the telecommunication area with 10% of them having college or degree qualifications.

 Under the approved plan, Ha Tinh will focus on developing its infrastructure and human resources and IT applications in all domains, increase public-utility services, build the E-administration, develop the IT market and establish the IT industry.


 Apart from the provincial State bank branch which performs the function of State management of monetary, credit and banking activities, Ha Tinh has six grade-1 State-owned commercial banks branches, including the Bank of  Investment and Development of Vietnam, the Development Bank, the Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development, the Industrial and Commercial Bank, the Ha Tinh Bank for Foreign Trade, the Xuan An Bank for Foreign Trade and the branch of the Social Policy Bank with an organizational network covering the whole province and 14 people’s credit funds at grassroots level. The banks and credit funds have employed more than 900 people, 60% of them with university or higher degree qualifications. With scientific operation and modern technologies, the banks and credit organizations have gradually expanded their markets and investment areas, diversified forms of allotting credit, including loans, guarantees, discounts and co-financing. They have also improved modern banking services, such as ATM services, electronic money transfers, electronic clearing, thus satisfying demands for capital and banking services and creating favourable conditions for businesses in their production and business activities.

 The Ha Tinh banking sector aims to step up the mobilization of capital from various sources and to raise the efficiency of credit investment activities so as to meet the demand for capital in service of local socio-economic development in all fields, sectors, programmes and projects of the province.

Water Supply System

 Ha Tinh has a source of about 11-13 billion m3 of surface water/ year and a rich underground water source with large reserves, meeting the needs of people and industrial parks. There are 357 reservoirs with a total holding capacity of more than 700 million m3, two reservoirs with a total holding capacity of 400 million m3 which are under construction, and a multinational irrigation project with a holding capacity of more than 800 million m3. Water plants in Ha Tinh are equipped with modern filters and treatment devices and have a capacity of 16,000m3/a day, providing 11,000m3/day for Ha Tinh City, 3,00m3/day for Hong Linh Town and 2,000m3/day for Ky Anh Township and Vung Ang area, ensuring clean water supply for cities and towns. Thanks to the national target and programmes on clean water and environmental hygiene, the clean water systems in rural areas have been improved.

 To ensure a water supply for people’s daily activities and industrial production, Ha Tinh’s water supply sector has set the target of supplying clean water for all rural people.

Mass Media System

 Ha Tinh has four local press agencies and 21 news-bulletins, 13 central and provincial press agencies with correspondents based in Ha Tinh and 130 journalists.

 Ha Tinh Newspaper has the largest circulation with five editions a week. Ha Tinh Radio and Television has two broadcasting stations in the province and 17 relay stations in districts and towns, which can receive signals from TVRO, RRO, VIBA, antennas, optical cables and magnetic tapes, districts and towns’ public-address networks providing the latest information to all parts of the province. The Hong Linh and Ha Tinh Culture magazines and 21 monthly bulletins provide important specialized information. Ha Tinh-based correspondents from 13 central and provincial press agencies, such as Nhan Dan Daily, Vietnam News Agency, Television Magazine, Nghe An Public Security Newspaper, Tien Phong Newspaper, Literature and Arts Newspaper, New Countryside Magazine, Learning Promotion and People’s Intellectual Levels Newspaper, Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper, Journalist and Public Opinion Newspaper provide information on Ha Tinh for all parts of the country and the world.

 Ha Tinh’s mass media system provides timely comprehensive information about all aspects of life in the province as well as disseminates the provincial brand to the public and investors at home and abroad.

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